Poems by mwah

X True Love…what is it? X

It is a lustrous flame that burns within the very core of your soul

The special person that makes you feel whole

That deep secret fantasy that drives you wild

Yet when you see him you get as nervous as a child

The way he looks at you, makes you know it’s for real

The way you look at him, he must know how you feel

An overflowing river of ecstasy that makes your words jumble

To have a strong man who can turn your deepest fears into rubble

As you climb the ladder of emotion to ask him to be with you

You begin to wonder whether this love is really true





X You X

I love you more with every passing day, like a lake so still it’ll never drift away.

With a presence so strong you’re engraved in my heart, with the grace of god our love will never keep us apart.

Who would have thought that I could find someone who could keep me sane, with emotions like mine going round the bend like a speeding train.

You have seen me at my worst and you have seen me at my best, when I feel alone you take me, and hold me close to your chest.

You pick me up when I fall flat on my face, you’ve given me the love and joy no-one can erase.

You say that I’m a delicate flower that just needs to be cared for; you are a loving and caring person I can’t help but adore.

I am a little insecure at times I know, but you always give me the sunlight much needed to grow.





X    Naive Fear    X

Every day I pray and pray for you to stop

A fear that when I’m alone with the kids, from bed to bed you hop

Every night I pray for you to see, the heartache and pain you are causing me

Maybe i’m too boring, unattractive and brought you shame

A fear that maybe I am to blame

The constant fear of you no longer wanting me

A fear of the never-ending lie you are going to feed me

But I love you even though our future looks bleak

As every time you look at me, my knees go weak

I know that one day your feelings for me will return

And i’ll once again be the only woman you yearn





X    I feel    X

There was a time that I felt like my heart was pounding, when I received that touch I had been yearning

When I felt like my head was spinning, as our lips were interlocking

I used to feel like I could not stop smiling, as I thought that I had finally found who I had been longing

Yet there were times that I feel so lonely

As after so many years, you still didn’t trust me

You called me a cheat, a liar and a foney, even when I tell you, you were my one and only

But now I feel that I deserve more and not someone whose insecurities grind me to the core

I am a woman, not rubbish on the floor

I am a human being, not someone you have the right to continuously ignore

Now I feel that I can do things and go places without being criticised and accused

And I refuse to stay where I will be abused and ridiculed

So now it’s time to live my life without you as my shadow

As I have finally seen the light and it is telling me to go

It’s time for me to grow





X    A woman like me    X

I can live without you, I just don’t want to

Knowing you may choose someone else, does break my heart in two

But go find somewhere else to go, if I am not enough for you

I have no problem letting you go

 I’ll hold the door and even pack your bags because your excuses, I don’t want to know

I’m not going to be the woman you expect me to be

To just sit here crying ‘woe is me’

If you think that I would run after you, you obviously don’t know me

I’m not going to cry and cry, plea and plea, and lose my self-dignity

Yes, your right, I am too good for you, I ‘m inclined to agree

Because I am a self-respecting woman who does not need a man to feel worthy

I do love you, but I love me more

Since you don’t want me, you know where to find the door

Because thinking of reasons for you to stay is too much of a chore

So go out there, i’m not going to stop you, go explore

Because your lack of manhood is too much for a woman like me to endure






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